We’ve announced the Wild Card option for anyone who wasn’t able to perform, or didn’t make it after initially performing at one of the preliminary rounds.
◇You have to post a video of you reciting your poem on social media by Wednesday night at 11:59pm!
◇Get your friends to follow us AND vote for you!
◇make sure you are following us
◇make sure it’s a collaboration post with our account so our additional 2 judges can find the post.
◇poems should be under 3 minutes!

We will have 2 judges picking their top 5 poets.  Fan vote serves as a tie breaker.  Fan vote unless counts if the voter is following us on that social media account (they vote via message on IG, they have to be following us on IG).

Voting ends on Saturday, June 22nd at 11:59pm

Top 2 overall vote getters will be invited to participate in either Brooklyn or Harlem at the semis as a wild card entry!
Parle Wild Card Entry
Email any questions or concerns to:  [email protected]

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