The Parle Endeavors Scholarship & Parle Endeavors ALTA Grant

We will provide at scholarships valued at $2500.00 each, and grants, also valued at $2500.00 each to recipients in the second cohort.

Winners will also be partnered with a mentor/advisor to help support them through the upcoming year of their journey.

Applications open January 17, 2024

The submission deadline is Friday May 10, 2024

February 9th – Early Applicants Deadline 

Applications received by this date will be reviewed so that we could provide feedback, and potentially have them resubmit

Winners Announced June 2024

Scholarship Criteria:
The Parle Endeavors Scholarship is available to young people who are (1) attending a high school in New York State; (2) on track to graduate high school in June or August of 2024; (3) planning on attending a 2 or 4-year post-secondary program, (4) pursuing a degree and a career in media, communications, journalism, business, or a closely related field.



The Parle Endeavors ALTA Grant is available to young people who are (1) high school juniors or seniors attending a high school in New York State; (2) have a business idea, start-up, related to those fields; (3) launched within the last year or planning to launch by June 2025. 



Before you apply, check out these Frequently Asked Questions to make sure you qualify.


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Parle Endeavors

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