Our Partners

Parle Endeavors is dedicated to fostering the dreams and aspirations of the next generation. Your support serves as the cornerstone for our endeavors, allowing us to provide mentorship, scholarships, grants, exposure, and hands-on experiences that are catalysts for personal and professional growth for our youth. 

Join us and some renowned brands and philanthropic partners in making a lasting impact, as we honor those who understand that investing in youth today shapes the leaders of tomorrow.

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Cortelyou Early Childhood Center, Inc.



Our Impact

At Parle Endeavors, we are committed to empower, support, and provide opportunities to youth with a passion for and interest in the fields of arts, media, journalism, and entrepreneurship. . We provide mentorship, scholarships, grants, exposure, and hands-on experience to support the personal and professional development of our youth.

Parle Endeavors is at the forefront of youth empowerment. Our flagship initiative offers $2500 scholarships and grants tailored for high school seniors in New York State, supporting those graduating in June or August 2023 pursuing a 2 or 4-year college program or grants for those opting for non-college paths in media, communications, journalism, entrepreneurship, or related fields. In addition, our annual Teen Poetry Slam Series provides a dynamic platform for spoken word and a cappella rap for NYC youth aged 13-19, with the top 5 finalists sharing a $2500 prize. We are dedicated to nurturing diverse talents, fostering dreams, and creating opportunities aligned with the aspirations of the youth we serve.


Our Story 

Founded by Kevin Benoit, a former charter high school administrator with an extensive background in various youth-oriented nonprofit roles, Parlé Endeavors is the embodiment of his unwavering commitment to the next generation. Drawing upon his personal journey and experiences, Kevin established Parlé Endeavors to empower and provide mentorship and financial support to youth who mirror his own early ambitions and share similar dreams of success.


Proud Recipient of The 2023 BeyGood Impact Grant.

Parle Endeavors

Mission: To empower young adults and support youth development through mentorship, scholarships, grants, exposure, and experience. We provide opportunities for supporting youth in the arts, media, journalism, entrepreneurship, and related fields.