Parle Endeavors, Inc. is committed to creating a safe and positive environment for all minors participating in our programs or interacting with our organization.

We recognize our duty of care to protect the children we serve and prevent any form of harm, abuse, or exploitation.

This policy outlines the steps we take to minimize risks to minors and provides clear procedures for reporting and responding to any child protection concerns.


This policy applies to all staff, volunteers, board members, contractors, and anyone working with or on behalf of Parle Endeavors, Inc.

This policy covers all activities, programs, events, and online interactions where Parle Endeavors, Inc. engages directly or indirectly with minors.


Key Principles

Child-Centered Approach: The safety and well-being of children are our top priority.

Zero Tolerance: We have zero tolerance for any form of child abuse, neglect, or exploitation.

Prevention: We implement proactive measures to minimize risks and create a safe environment.

Reporting & Response: We have clear procedures for reporting concerns, investigating incidents, and taking appropriate action.


Safeguarding Measures

Recruitment & Screening:

Thorough background checks for all positions involving contact with minors.

References and interviews addressing suitability to work with children.



Mandatory child protection training for all individuals covered by this policy.

Training will cover recognizing signs of abuse, reporting procedures, and appropriate interactions with minors.


Code of Conduct:

Clear guidelines on acceptable and unacceptable behavior when interacting with minors.

Prohibitions on one-on-one unsupervised contact, gift-giving, and inappropriate communication.



Appropriate adult-to-child ratios within programs.

Adequate oversight to prevent isolated situations.


Online Safety:

Policies for social media use and digital communications with minors

Monitoring of online platforms used by the organization.


Reporting & Response

Designated Safeguarding Officer: Carly Fitz-Henley serves as the primary point of contact for child protection concerns.



All staff and volunteers are required to immediately report any suspected or witnessed abuse to the Designated Safeguarding Officer.

All staff, board members and officers are mandated reporters and are responsible for reaching out to appropriate authorities (child protective services, law enforcement) as required by law.



Prompt and thorough investigations of all concerns.

Cooperation with external agencies where necessary.



Providing support and resources to any child affected by abuse.


Policy Review & Monitoring

This policy will be reviewed annually and updated as needed.

The organization will track and monitor any child protection incidents to inform improvements to safeguarding practices.


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